Our Team

Sorabh Rana

Sorabh Rana has 12 years of experience in security and vigilance in various organizations.

Currently working in the United States as a Marine Security officer, Sorabh has completed his Master’s from Agra University including MBA in Disaster Management. Sorabh has vast experience in prestigious NGOs. He started working for the environment & ecology from an early age.

Message from Founder: I want to make a big & energetic team, who can help me to protect our environment together worldwide.

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Ms Bharti

Executive Director, Bharti is a graduate of Delhi University. She has experience in Social Activities and Corporate Affairs.

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Gaurav Rana

Joint Director


Mukesh Rana

Directors of conservation projects

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Tushar Varshney

Senior Account Officer

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Deepak Rana

Staff Campaign Officer

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Shubham Kumar

Education Officer

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Sumit Kumar

Education officer

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Ms Vaishali

Admin officer